Thank You Dr. Silcher!

From Dr. Holtzen:

When I first relocated my family and my practice to Montana a decade ago, one of first and warmest welcomes I received was from Dr. Peter Silcher. In the subsequent years, Peter has become both a friend and a valued partner in the care of our many patients. Professional relationships like this, based on mutual respect and trust, are invaluable to both doctors and the care they provide for their patients.

Peter Silcher received his education from several of the finest institutions and training programs in the country. This beginning was reflective of both his brilliant mind and his dedication to excellence. Dr. Silcher recently announced his retirement from his practice of orthodontics in our community. The contribution Dr. Silcher’s career has made to our community has been so significant, and touched the lives of so many individuals, that it is challenging to even comment on this event in a fashion that will do justice to the impact. However, we cannot let this event pass without attempting to share our thoughts.

There are few aspects of the human body that have a greater influence on a life than the human smile. Dr. Silcher has spent decades giving his patients their smiles. Thousands of people of all ages have benefited from his expertise, gaining much more than function and comfort. His patients have been given the gift of improved self-image, self-respect and confidence. Individuals with a smile they are proud to display have better relationships, more successful careers, and better lives. A career dedicated to enhancing the lives of his patients has earned Peter the respect, admiration, and gratitude of his colleagues and our entire community.  

The entire Alpine Oral and Facial Surgery team are grateful for our years of partnering with Dr. Peter Silcher and his team in caring for our community. We regret his professional departure, but we are simultaneously excited for the next phase of his life and congratulate him on a job well done.

And if you are wondering who might try to fill the considerable shoes of Dr. Silcher and restore the loss to our community that will result from his retirement, look for our future post welcoming Dr. Keldon Carroll to the Bitterroot Valley!

2 thoughts on “Thank You Dr. Silcher!

  1. Thank you for posting such a beautifully written tribute to Dr Silcher! I can tell you that he is truly dedicated to his patients and their smiles, he will be missed. I personally feel grateful and humbled to carry on his legacy here in The Valley. May there be beautiful smiles for years to come!

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