Valentine’s Day Dental Implant P.S.A.

Whether you’re celebrating Galantine’s Day or Valentine’s Day: (I’ve heard a rumor that bachelors just celebrate St. Patrick’s Day twice?) You’ve got a holiday coming up! Why is it that with every holiday comes candy? You’re just peacefully sitting at your desk, writing the company’s next blog, and before you know it, you’re showered with chocolate and affection?

 Just kidding. I think that was just a dream I had. But… I mean, there are probably some stale conversation hearts in the staff lounge. You’ll walk by them a few times before you shove them in your gourd, and then remember that you don’t even like conversation hearts. In fact, NOBODY likes conversation hearts. Do they?

I digress, but the point is: There will be candy, and you will eat it, probably. So, what kind of affect does all that sugar have on your teeth? How about your dental implants? Let’s talk about it.

Most of us know that sugar causes cavities, but how does that work? Well, essentially the sugar interacts with bacteria in your mouth, creating dental plaque, and if that plaque isn’t easily removed from saliva or brushing, your mouth becomes acidic and wears down enamel, eventually causing tooth decay. It doesn’t happen exactly like that with your dental implant, but you still need to be wary.

Dental implants are made of pretty tough stuff. But while an implant crown may not be vulnerable in the exact same ways as a real tooth, it can still stain, crack, or break altogether, and the same bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay could eventually contribute to gum disease around your implant.

 Also, the type of candy matters. Those conversation hearts may not be your dental implant’s worst nightmare, but watch out for hard candies like jolly ranchers, or those strawberry bonbons that literally everyone’s grandma has for some reason. (Seriously, what’s up with that? Is there a secret society?) Hard candies and chewy ones could crack your implant crown. Other potential tooth/ implant crackers are the nuts or toffees hidden in those “delicious” [sic] chocolate variety packs.

Okay, listen. I’m not saying that sugar is the devil or anything, except maybe I am! The best practice is to allow yourself some tasty treats in moderation, and practice good oral hygiene. This goes for your dental implants, too. The whole point of dental implants is that they are the tooth replacement option that functions the most like a real tooth. So, care for them as you would your real teeth and you should be fine!

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