Winter Oral Health

Winter has arrived unceremoniously at our doorstep. Unfortunately, Jack Frost is free from the constraints of polite society, and therefore cares not what affect the frigid air has on our oral health. Don’t worry, Alpine Oral and Facial surgery has your back, and… your mouth?

Keep reading for common winter maladies to be aware of, and the preventative measures you can take. 

Dry Mouth

The air is dry, and therefore so is your mouth, probably. For crying out loud, stay hydrated! Just because there is snow on the ground and you’re cold doesn’t mean you don’t need water to survive. Remember the rule: Eight 8oz glasses. That’s four pints. We saw those pictures from the family reunion. You have no trouble putting down four pints, okay? We’re onto you.

Tooth Sensitivity

The air is not only dry, it is cold, as I’m sure you’re aware. That makes us want hot drinks. (Hot chocolate, anyone?). Cold air + hot drinks = our least favorite time of day (tooth-hurty). Try brushing your teeth with a toothpaste made especially for sensitive teeth.

Canker sores

Speaking of dry mouth and hot things, both can exacerbate canker sores. If you don’t know what a canker sore is, you are one lucky reader. A quick Google search will leave you feeling unsettled. If you already have a canker sore, try rinsing your mouth out with warm salt water, and saying no to the Tabasco or extra jalapeños. Also, if these sores are occurring frequently, maybe consult your healthcare provider about preventative medication.

Chapped Lips

The air has entered phase three. It is dry, it is cold, and it is windy. How rude. I’m no biologist but I’m pretty sure the skin on our lips is to regular skin what tissue paper is to cardstock. Therefore, the triple threat that is winter air does even more work on our lips than the rest of us. Be sure to keep your lips hydrated too! We recommend using a lip balm with SPF consistently throughout the day.

Sun Damage

Yes, really. Sun burn, dry skin, or worse. It may feel like you haven’t seen the sun for 17 years, but that doesn’t mean the sun hasn’t seen you. It’s there, waiting just beyond the clouds for you to realize you’ve already been burned, laughing at your vitamin D deficiency… Okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic but you should still definitely wear a moisturizer with SPF.

Barring forgoing the tundra altogether and purchasing winter lodging in the Bahamas, there isn’t much more winter advice we can give you here.  All year-round you should brush, floss, keep an eye out for infection, and go to your dentist. No, seriously. Just make the tooth cleaning appointment. You may think you just did it, but it was probably actually last December. Look at your calendar. Told you so.

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