Sleep Apnea Surgery – L. Williams

“Dr. Clark Taylor saved my life, my marriage, and my sanity! I had the most severe case of Sleep Apnea the VA had ever seen. I normally for the past 28 years would sleep in 20 minute increments for 2 hours, be up for a while and repeat. I would be tired, irritable, and unmotivated all day. I was on medicine for depression, pre-diabetes, and high cholesterol. Within 48 hours of the surgery I was sleeping through the night. It has been a little more than 30 days now, I sleep FANTASTIC through the night, am happy, energetic, and well rested. I CAN BREATHE for the first time! I am a new man! To date I have lost over 30 lbs. and I have joined a gym! My wife is able to sleep through the night now instead of staying awake to make sure I breathe and my snoring. I am not grumpy anymore according to my wife. Thank you Dr. Taylor for saving my life, marriage, and sanity!”
– Lee W.

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