Who Should Remove Your Wisdom Teeth? A Dentist or an Oral Surgeon?

Once you have decided to get your wisdom teeth extracted, you have another decision to make: who is the right person to remove your wisdom teeth? Specifically, should you allow your general dentist to perform the operation, or should you seek out a specialist with specific training in oral and maxillofacial surgery?

First and foremost, it is important to understand that many general dentists have the qualifications and education to remove wisdom teeth. However, some dentists do not perform wisdom tooth extractions, some dentists only perform simple extractions, and some dentists have extensive experience with wisdom tooth extractions. With this in mind, let’s discuss a few reason that a patient may see, out an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth removal instead of their regular dentist.

  • Your dentist referred you to an oral surgeon. Your dentist may recommend that you consult with an oral surgeon regarding your wisdom tooth removal. This could be for a number of reasons; for example, your dental office may simply not offer the service or your wisdom teeth may require a more skilled surgeon for removal.
  • You would like to use general anesthesia. Many dentists remove wisdom teeth, but only when using certain types of anesthesia. If, for health reasons or due to a phobia, you would like to use general anesthesia during your wisdom tooth removal, an oral surgeon is often a better choice.
  • Your wisdom tooth extraction is complex. Dentists may be comfortable removing your erupted wisdom tooth, but less comfortable removing teeth that are still below the gum surface. They may also be less comfortable removing teeth if the operation is complex in other ways. If you believe your wisdom tooth extraction may involve complicating factors, an oral surgeon may be the right choice for you.
  • You feel more comfortable with a specialist. In some cases, wisdom tooth patients simply feel more comfortable in the hands of an oral surgeon and his or her staff. They may wish to choose someone with more experience than their general dentist or with a more extensive background in surgery.

We encourage you to talk openly with your dentist about your options for wisdom tooth removal and to seek a second opinion if you deem it necessary. We also encourage you to make the choice that is most comfortable for you and the choice that is most sensible considering your situation and your needs.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction at the Surgical Arts Centre

The Surgical Arts Centre has helped thousands of patients with wisdom tooth removal, from simple one-tooth extractions to complex extractions involving multiple impacted teeth. In addition to our knowledgeable and experienced surgeons, we also offer top-tier patient care, from your initial consultation through your recovery and beyond. To learn more about our wisdom tooth removal services, to talk to a surgeon about your case, or to schedule an appointment, please call us today at (406) 549-6600.

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