Three Rivers Study Club Welcomes Speaker Dr. Roy Shelburne

On April 24, 2015, the Three Rivers Study Club welcomed Dr. Roy Shelburne, DDS, to speak at an all-day engagement. Shelburne, a dentist and professional speaker, lectured about proper medical and dental record-keeping as well as the correct coding techniques for medical billing. The presentation was the final event of the 2014-2015 year for Three Rivers Study Club, which is sponsored by the Surgical Arts Centre.

The Surgical Arts Centre and the Three Rivers Study Club are looking forward to the next year of presenters, speakers and educators!

About Dr. Roy Shelburne, DDS

In 2008, Shelburne was sentenced to two years in prison on felony charges of racketeering and healthcare fraud. The dentist, who had practiced for over twenty years in a small Virginia town, was absolutely blindsided by the investigation, the trial, and the conviction. While the government claimed he had been defrauding his patients, he argued that he and his staff had simply made errors in record-keeping, coding, and billing. Although the prosecution identified more items he should have billed for and did not, than the items he was accused of billing inappropriately, he was convicted nonetheless.

Now, in the years after his release, Shelburne has dedicated his career to preventing what happened to him from happening to other medical professionals. He now travels nationwide speaking about the importance of correct medical billing techniques and educating his peers about keeping proper oversight in their offices, no matter how busy they are.

“My greatest goal in life now is to tell other dentists about what I’ve learned from this experience and my shortcomings as it relates to record-keeping and how I practiced dentistry,” Shelburne told, “There is a way to practice dentistry that is proper, but it is also defensive and necessary. Record-keeping is paramount!”

About Three Rivers Study Club

Coordinated and sponsored by the Surgical Arts Centre, the Three Rivers Study Club is a continuing education program designed for local doctors, dentists, and auxiliary medical professionals. These events, which provide Montana’s dental and medical communities with continuing education credits, feature speakers from across the country and cover a range of topics, from new technologies in the field to issues related to medical ethics.

The club meets either in the Surgical Arts Centre’s conference facility or at in the conference facilities of local hotels. To learn more about the group, please call us today at (406) 549-6600.

Contact The Surgical Arts Centre

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