Why choose SAC for your sleep apnea treatment?

• Our one-on-one care.

Our accredited facility allows us to care for sleep apnea patients on an individual basis in a special care setting. Unlike in hospitals, where nurses have multiple patients and , you will get to know each member of our experienced staff and receive personalized, expert attention.

• Our experience.

With 30+ years experience in jaw procedures our surgeons are dedicated to making sure they are offering the most effective, efficient and safe procedures available. Dr. Taylor has completed over 500 jaw procedures in the last decade. During that time, the Surgical Arts Center has not had a single unplanned hospital admission.

• Our specialized treatment model.

Our controlled approach allows SAC to more efficiently manage pain, control bleeding and minimize swelling. These advances not only eliminate the need for a night spent in the intensive care unit, it also allows patients to recover in 7-10 days, as opposed to 4-6 weeks.

• Our anesthesiologists.

We utilize anesthesia providers with special experience and expertise dealing with sleep apnea patients, jaw surgeries, and related specialized anesthesia techniques.

• The cost of the procedure.

Due to SAC’s full-service facility and a patients short stay, the treatment is more cost-effective and affordable than in a traditional hospital setting.

• Our location.

Located in Missoula, Montana, our facility is nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Many of our patients take advantage of the scenic and recreational opportunities in the area both before and after surgery, from hiking and skiing to relaxing in a hot springs. Learn more about why our patients choose Montana as their sleep apnea surgery destination here.

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