Missoulian Article on Sleep Apnea Surgery performed at SAC

Dr. Clark O. Taylor’s innovative bimaxillary advancement treatment model was the centerpiece of a feature story published in the May 11, 2015, edition of the Missoulian. The story, titled “Missoula Doctor’s Sleep Apnea Surgery Speeds Recovery for Patients,” focused on Dr. Clark Taylor founder and director of Surgical Arts Centre, and Surgical Sleep Solutions as well as a recent patient, Jen Anderson.

We are thrilled that the news of our surgery and our unique delivery model is spreading in the community and hope that coverage like this story helps more people in Montana and across the county diagnose and treat their obstructive sleep apnea.

To read the full text of the article, please visit the Missoulian.

Jen Anderson’s Story

The article highlighted the story of patient Jen Anderson, a Gallatain Gateway resident who struggled with sleep apnea for years before being diagnosed and before finding a working treatment.

Anderson was sleeping in a recliner and suffering from poor sleep and daytime fatigue for three and a half years before she visited a specialist in Bozeman who was able to diagnose her with obstructive sleep apnea. While she was relieved to find out what was causing her sleep and health issues, she soon found that her prescribed treatment, a CPAP device, was not working for her. The device slid off of her face at night and changed the sound of her voice during the day.

When Anderson started to look for alternative’s to CPAP she found Dr. Clark O. Taylor at the Surgical Arts Centre in Missoula, Montana. She attended a local seminar, requested a consultation, and decided to go through with the surgery. It worked almost immediately.

“The first night after getting the surgery I can remember waking up and it was just volumes of air in and out effortlessly. I can breathe like I have never breathed before,” she said.

Read more about Jen Anderson’s experience at Surgical Sleep Solutions.

Bimaxillary Advancement Surgery: Our Treatment Model

Anderson benefitted from bimaxillary advancement surgery and Dr. Taylor’s unique treatment model that includes personal one-on-one nursing care and an outpatient procedure. She also benefitted from Dr. Taylor’s experience of over 11 years, helping over 600 patients treat their sleep apnea.

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